Why Baby Walkers Are Dangerous

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Published: 19th January 2011
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What makes mobile walkers dangerous? Specialists say their very design helps kids move easily - typically abundant too easily for them to sustain serious injuries.

"Regarding three million baby walkers are sold within the United States every year. They're usually utilized in the two- to four-month period after a child can stay up and before he can walk while not assistance. However by giving a child added height, a walker suddenly brings him inside reach of hazards like boiling pots, electrical irons and unprotected electrical cords. And kids in walkers travel thus fast - three or four feet a second - that even the foremost attentive folks might not be able to avert disaster," said Diana Willensky in Yankee Health magazine.

"Babies in walkers plummet downstairs, turn over in walkers that are snagged by cords, door thresholds, and carpet edges, roll themselves against hot wood stoves and heaters, fall over concrete curbs, or tumble into swimming pools. Oldsters should be significantly cautious of previous-style x-frame walkers that are still being sold in garage sales. These styles are accountable for several injuries, including finger amputations when a baby's hand got caught within the closing x-joint of the frame - such models should be discarded," added Sandy Jones and Werner Freitag in Client Reports' Guide to Baby Products.

The length of your time your baby spends during a walker determines how prone he or she is to accidents. Normally, the danger of accidents increases in children who spend an hour or additional a day in them. Most accidents occurred in the early afternoon when solely one parent was away.

Folks often purchase a walker in the assumption that it can help their kid walk sooner. Fifty p.c of walker consumers had this impression however the facts say otherwise.

Rather than help your baby walk, walkers may create things troublesome for your child. Freitag, who has developed safety standards for baby products for the Yank Society for Testing and Materials, said walkers may "interfere with required pulling up, crawling and creeping experiences" of babies.

This was proven by a study that showed that the leg actions of babies who used walkers differed greatly from those that didn't. In that study, babies who spent a substantial time in walkers had stiff legs and shorter steps. They conjointly leaned forward more than youngsters who learned to steer on their own. In another study involving twins, the baby who did not use a walker started walking 2 weeks ahead of the one who used the device for two hours each day.

"Studies are showing that not only do walkers not help babies to run sooner, they'll even impede the walking development of babies who have motor deficits by teaching them abnormal moving patterns," Jones and Freitag said.

Chicco DJ Baby Walker

Well! Chicco is one of these companies on which you'll invariably count on to return out with the goods! It's been producing quality youngsters and baby product for many years now. And the latest Chicco DJ baby walker is not any totally different and lives up to the reputation and quality of different Chicco products.

This product is appropriate for 6 months up till 13 kilos. But during this case for the baby walkers, you should remember the babies ought to be flat footed and not tippy toed. And currently coming to the walker itself, it has got enough comfortable padding on the rear to present a spongy feel and conjointly cushion against any jerks to the lower backbone. It's got four wheels and it's six stalkers. They are essentially there to act as brakes. If at any time the baby walker acquires risky speeds or the baby has come back up to a staircase! In these cases, the six stalkers enable safety.

There are number of batteries that are provided along with the Chicco DJ baby walker. They might last a month or so (varies with use) before they need to be replaced. Other than that, the Chicco DJ walker is collapsible. By this we have a tendency to mean, when not in use, the legs will be shrunk and then the complete walker can be compressed and be simply portable. Thus in case you're going out on vacation, with the complete family, the Chicco DJ baby walker can undoubtedly return along.

Different than these options, the walker has various lights and sounds buttons that might utterly involve the baby, and keep him/her occupied. The buttons are versatile and soft, however unbreakable and will face up to a lot of stress. There's another toy like a tiny abacus provided together with a flap that doubles up for a book. All in all, the Chicco DJ baby walker would offer a comforting and enjoyable experience for the kid.

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